Saturday, 27th December 2014

In 2013 Wellington Waterfront commisioned Wraight + Associates to activate some urban skyscape down at Taranaki Wharf - the result, a  bespoke Jump Platform - an un-gated seemingly non-compliant twisting, turning staircase that enables leaps from platforms of 5 to 8m to all who dare. As Jon Rennie in an article published in ArchitectureNow suggests "The council’s lawyers should be awarded for the urbanism that their legal opinion enabled; Wraight + Associates should be rewarded for the conveyancing of the design into built form; and Wellington Waterfront should be commended for having the cojones to do it."

Go New Zealand!

Images: Samuel Hartnett

Monday, 22nd December 2014

The Merlin Entertainments Group have just activated the skyscape of their Southern Highland Treetop Walk with Australia's first boutique high-end adventure canopy tour - a beautifully packaged high-profile rainforest experience that marries seamlessly with the existing world-class treetop walk. The Canopy Tour is built upon the escarpment of Knights Hill (near Robertson) 700m above sea leavel and consists of 50m of suspention bridges and three Ziplines.

Wednesday, 3rd December 2014

TCg is very proud and excited to be working with Adelaide Shores (one of Australias premiere tourism precincts) in delivering a world-class aerial adventure facility for Adelaide and it's visitors.

The Aerial Adventure Park's centre piece will be an example of TCg's largest SkyMate Village - a SkyMate Cumulus..

Although the SkyMate Cumulus product will represent a high tech and exciting 'sky village' (incorporating the worlds latest aerial adventure technology) it will keep as it's core objective the traditional village ideal of - creating an environment where everyone feels safe to explore and grow.

With over 100 exciting and challenging activities (some to 26m) and predestrian access to 15m, the structure has been designed to create an atmosphere that will motivate, encourage exploration and an outcome that will promote personal growth and a sense of true achievement.

Let the adventure begin ......

Wednesday, 3rd December 2014

A new United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) report highlights that countries in all stages of economic development are prioritising adventure tourism for market growth, based on a recognition of its ecological, cultural and economic value.

The report identifies that adventure tourism:

Is resilient: Adventure tourists are passionate and risk-taking. Profiles indicates interest in destinations that have previously suffered significant commercial tourism setbacks due to natural and political events, such as Haiti, Rwanda, and Japan.

Attracts high value customers: Adventure tourists are willing to pay a premium for exciting and authentic experiences. Adventure operators have reported an average of US$ 3,000 spent person, with an average trip length of eight days.

Source: Australian Liesure Management

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Tuesday, 2nd December 2014

Landscape architect and adventure-play advocate Sharon Danks is quoted by Coby McDonald in a recent article titled Call of the Wild: Do Our Overprotected Kids Need to “Get Risky” on Playgrounds Like This? as saying “Kids need to experience risk in order to become competent capable adults” “Risk is learning”.

McDonald has written a nice piece, giving us a glimpse of the history of Adventure Parks, the rationale, the experience, the benefit and an exploration of why we don't see more.


Thursday, 27th November 2014

A $1 million TouchCloud Zipline Canopy Tour course is taking shape on the Illawarra escarpment as tourism behemoth Merlin Entertainments Group takes off on a dramatic expansion of the Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures site.

The design takes full advantage of TouchCloud's unique EcoCLIPTCg Halos, CloudStationsTCg and rollTREKTCg Continuous Belay System.

The lines will "fly" visitors over pedestrians on the treetop walk below.

Site general manager Neredith Elliott said the attraction was intended as the first in a series of add-on experiences at the rainforested site, giving visitors more to do and increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

About 50 per cent of visitors to the Knights Hill rainforest are from Sydney, with weekenders in their 20s and 30s a well-represented demographic.

"One of the key drivers is to increase the [stay] time of guests so their experience is larger, longer, with more things to do," Mrs Elliott said.

"We want to make that travel, particularly from Sydney, worthwhile."

Current operations only use about 10 per cent of the 18-hectare site.

Mrs Elliott said future plans included attractions for children and facilities for overnight stays.

"Glamping" - glamorous camping - is on the cards.

"What we're really wanting to do long term is place this as a destination," Mrs Elliott said.

"This is really just stage one."

Source: Illawarra Mercury 

Monday, 3rd November 2014

This past October Barbara ("Bebe") Stetson, age 94, set a record at Outdoor Venture's Treetop Adventure Park, by being the oldest climber to-date.

The Treetop Adventure Parks are self-guided ropes courses in forests and feature platforms at different heights in the trees, connected by zip lines and challenge bridges of different kinds. Each bridge is an "element" and a series of elements forms an "aerial trail. They are typically pursued by kids, teens and younger or middle-aged adults.  Barbara Stetson completed the a trail of 11 different elements that concluded with a zip line.


Saturday, 1st November 2014

 New Zealand's Roturua Canopy Tour has a dream to create a native wildlife sanctuary – returning rare birds, creating safe breeding conditions and restoring the eco system to a pre human one.

Opened in 2012 the company now has 10% of the 500 hectare forest is under total control from introduced predators, over 550 traps and 10 km of trapping lines has removed the rats, mice, possums, stoats and ferrets that were raiding the nests of native birds.

The results are incredible with bird populations flourishing, the canopy now a lush magnificent green and new growth continuing unabated. The forest has embraced it’s opportunity to recover. An opportunity provided in large by the Canopy Tour and it's patrons.

Substantial conservation support from visitors through donations and trap sponsorships has raised $16,000 and Rotorua Canopy Tours ticket contibutions has raised $35,000. This has allowed for 1000 traps to be set in the forest over the past 15 months eradicating three tonnes of pests in total.

Department of Conservation (DOC) Rotorua partnerships manager Helen Neale says the regeneration of the forest is really exciting and is a great example of how a business and DOC can work together to make a difference. DOC provides conservation advice and Rotorua Canopy Tours manages all the pest control themselves.


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