Zoo's New Spider

A small red spider from Italy is raising heads at Sydney's Wild Life Zoo.

A strange practical beast, with the DNA of both an Armadillo and a Giraffe.

This unique creature, on loan from UpHire, is helping to activate the Zoo's unique skyscape.

Being installed by TCg is a unique aerial tour that will allow harnessed guests to experience, from height, the fauna and flora of both the Arid Outback and the Wet Kakadu.

A flight that will allow guests to glide over lounging kangaroos, a smiling crocodile, bulging boabs, proud palms and to sneak past snoozing koalas.

The Zeus 18.93 is an incredible machine, able to fit through a standard doorway, go up stairs and yet allows two people to reach and work at heights of up to 18m.