ZIPKEA is a self-­contained, self­-regulating braking and retrieval system.

"Self-­contained” means that the whole brake attaches to the zip line and nothing else. There is a tether connected right around the zip termination, but that is only to make facilitating easier. The tether has nothing to do with the actually braking. No additional cables, poles, bungees, ropes, or hardware. This makes it easily to install to any existing course.

"Self-­regulated” means the speed at which the rider engages the brake determines the pressure applied to slow down the rider. The faster a rider engages the brake, the more pressure it applies. The energy produced by the rider, or kinetic energy, is absorbed by the brake and used to slow down the rider without producing heat or other friction. Thus, the Kinetic Energy Absorber.

ZIPKEA also has a built­-in retrieval system that captures zip line riders that come short of the landing platform. This universal system attaches to the carabiner only, so it functions with virtually all trolleys as long as there is a carabiner attached to the trolley.