World-Class Continuous Belay Zipline Canopy Tour

A $1 million TouchCloud Zipline Canopy Tour course is taking shape on the Illawarra escarpment as tourism behemoth Merlin Entertainments Group takes off on a dramatic expansion of the Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures site.

The design takes full advantage of TouchCloud's unique EcoCLIPTCg Halos, CloudStationsTCg and rollTREKTCg Continuous Belay System.

The lines will "fly" visitors over pedestrians on the treetop walk below.

Site general manager Neredith Elliott said the attraction was intended as the first in a series of add-on experiences at the rainforested site, giving visitors more to do and increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

About 50 per cent of visitors to the Knights Hill rainforest are from Sydney, with weekenders in their 20s and 30s a well-represented demographic.

"One of the key drivers is to increase the [stay] time of guests so their experience is larger, longer, with more things to do," Mrs Elliott said.

"We want to make that travel, particularly from Sydney, worthwhile."

Current operations only use about 10 per cent of the 18-hectare site.

Mrs Elliott said future plans included attractions for children and facilities for overnight stays.

"Glamping" - glamorous camping - is on the cards.

"What we're really wanting to do long term is place this as a destination," Mrs Elliott said.

"This is really just stage one."

Source: Illawarra Mercury