Urban Adventure to reach new heights

TCg is very proud and excited to be working with Adelaide Shores (one of Australias premiere tourism precincts) in delivering a world-class aerial adventure facility for Adelaide and it's visitors.

The Aerial Adventure Park's centre piece will be an example of TCg's largest SkyMate Village - a SkyMate Cumulus..

Although the SkyMate Cumulus product will represent a high tech and exciting 'sky village' (incorporating the worlds latest aerial adventure technology) it will keep as it's core objective the traditional village ideal of - creating an environment where everyone feels safe to explore and grow.

With over 100 exciting and challenging activities (some to 26m) and predestrian access to 15m, the structure has been designed to create an atmosphere that will motivate, encourage exploration and an outcome that will promote personal growth and a sense of true achievement.

Let the adventure begin ......