A culture of sustainability

Healthy ecosystems and environments are crucial to the sustainability of TCg's core business ( ...and life on earth as we know it!). In many cases it is the asset that warrants our client’s investment in TCg. This fact along with TCg's own inherent valuing of and reverence for natural ecosystems ensures that TCg, and those we contract, strive through design, construction and operation practices to minimise impact and maximise experiences and opportunities that instill a curiosity in, celebration of and reverence for the natural environment. TCg will always promote engagement of  local labour, facilitate transfer of skills and use renewable and/or long lasting robust and inert materials and construction methods to achieve a sustainability outcome. We recognise the value in embracing project local communities and strive to maximise the social and economic opportunities projects can bring - through sound feasibility studies, guide training, employment and greater tourist numbers and nights.

Conscious always that a sustainable project needs to hit that 'sweet spot' that lies in the centre of the overlap between the needs of people, planet and profit.