Skyscape Palette

The TouchCloud team embraces the real world and the challenges and limitations it presents and can thank lack of time, tight budgets, shortage of resources, shifting goal posts, remote and hostile sites and technology voids for many of the team members creative solutions and innovations in design, product, product uses, systems, business and risk management, marketing and operation.

TouchCloud prides itself on its voracious curiosity in this sector and perhaps more importantly its curiosity in non-sector industries. Looking things up, chasing every lead and exploring every possibility is second nature to the TouchCloud team. By going deeper than anybody else TouchCloud maintains its position at the leading edge.

Although there is much on the sector's skyscape palette already, we are conscious that it is very early days for this sector and amazing evolutions are yet to occur - TouchCloud will let you know when they appear on the market as industry ready.

The below TouchCloud palette has been provided to highlight some (but not all) of the 'colours' that are available for your skyscape activation.