Skymate Stratus - Aerial Rope Park

Skymate Stratus is a variation of TCg's Cumulus, the Stratus is based on the same foundation engineering as the Cumulus however is linear in nature rather than circular.

Pedestrain access is permitted to the top level, enabling all to share the adventure regardless of being harnessed or not.

Activities include traditional traverses as well as free falls, climbs and zip plunges - 80+ in total within 20,000 cubic meters.

The basic Stratus can accomodate 400+ persons at one time, is approx 50m long, 20m wide and 21m high.

Stratus is compatable with TCg's Skygates, BelayPillows, URECAs - Universal Rigging Ensemble for Course Activities, BlueReturns and SkyKid Continuous Belay Course.

TCg's Skymate II - Stratus design conforms to AS 3533.1 - 2009 and is registered with the State Government.