Skymate Cumulus - Aerial Rope Park

TouchCloud's Skymate system represents the latest innovations in Aerial Adventure Park architecture and safety.

It renders 'Indiana Jones' and 'Tin Tin' type adventures accessible to the masses. No longer restricted to those who attend an Outdoor Education Centre or who can travel to remote exotic locations. Skymate now brings the intrinsic value of outdoor adventure to the city's doorstep.

The Skymate's small footprint, high activity density, contemporary industrial architecture, revolutionary safety systems, predestrial access to height and theme-ability makes it an ideal means to activate existing or developing public recreation, leisure and tourism precincts.

Fundamental to the Skymate architecture is its ability to facilitate a truly shared, self-paced, self-directed adventure experience for all - regardless of ability, experience and courage.

The modular Skymate system enables full exploitation of crossing types, site envelopes, staged budgets and short lead times.

Contemporary tensegrity architecture that we have grown to admire and trust is embraced and exploited in Skymate's basic architecture.

SkyMate's design is utilitarian and raw, it wears its strength on its sleeve - big, bold and proud. A bold challenging structure that instills comfort and confidence through a familiarity and an obvious robustness.

The full Cumulus model can have up to 74 CloudStations, 5 Drop Zones, activities to 26m and can host 120+ challenge elements.

Skymate - Cumulus's Deisgn conforms with AS 3533.1-2009 and is registered as an Amusement Device with State Goverment.

Other base models include the SkyMate Stratus and SkyMate Cirrus.

Example Park: