TCg's SkygateTC​g is an 'automated safe entry enforcer' that allows for a fully independant transfer of a guest from the pedestrian area to the activity (at-height) area.

It is another world first innovation from TouchCloud. TCg's Skygates enable guest indepence and eliminates the human error factor.

In addition to conforming to the balustrade and safety device requirements dictated by Building Code Authorities and Amusement Device Regulations, a SkygateTC​g ensures that the guest's

1. harness fitting has been checked by a trained guide

2. lanyards have been attached correctly

3. weight is within the permissable range for the activity

4. ticket is valid

​5. and that only one person is in the gate.


The Skygate system also -

1. recognises guides

2. knows when the guest's time is up

3. detects and rejects entry to the activity area if a second guest has entered via tail-gating (TCg's TriBlock Security)

4. has an Emergency Button that is accessible from both the pedestrian and activity area

5. fails to safe on power outage

6. sends error, emergency and help requests to kiosk and staff handheld radios

7. counts use across multiple gates and limits guest entries to a nominated number

8. can be switched to 'normal', 'exit only', 'emergency' and 'lockdown' modes

9. can remotely lockout a nominated guest

10. has its state monitored and graphically represented on a screen in a kiosk

11. detects and locksdown any gate 'jump overs' events

12. indicates gate and sensor status via at-gate audible indication lamps

13. is completely weather proof and of robust construction

14. is compatible with CLiC-iT and other belay systems

15. intuative after initial use

16. has its hardware continiuosly monitored by internal safety modules

17. can be monitored, serviced and updated remotely over the internet

18. can be retrofitted to a course

19. has had its code reviewed and verified against the functional description by an industry leading third party

20. can be married to site specific POS barcode and RFID utilities

21. is proven - x5 Skygates installed May 2016.

22. an integral component of an Amusement Device Design (i.e. Skymate II) that conforms to AS 3533.1 - 2009 and as such has been Registered with State Govenment.


Because a transition through a Skygate does not need direct supervision, staff are able to relax and focus their energy instead on enhancing the customer experience via more considered facilitation and the building of rapport.

TCg welcomes all enquires regarding how Skygates could improve your profitability, customer experience and most importantly safety.