Perfected and proved in 2015, TCg's MonoGlide System (MGS) permits a 'low adrenaline' activation of a skyscape - a 'stroll' at height. The MonoGlide facilitates a self-propelled/paced low-impact harnessed activity at height. It affords guests, of all abilities and courage, the unique opportunity to view sites of interest from a completely new perspective.

Rise above the crowd, activate a previously unused space, revitalise an existing exhibit ... highlight / launch a new one.

Increase your dwell time, expand your clientele profile, give the media something to talk about, value add to your core product, generate additional income from the same real estate, put your facility back on the map.

We welcome opportunities to explore how the MonoGlider System could revitalise and value add to your Zoo, Museum, Gallery, Aviary, Sport/Entertainment Venue, Historic Site, Botanic Garden, Natural Feature, Shark Pool or Crocodile Park!

The lightweight MonoGlider System features the ability to support one person per metre, track trolley 'gates', universal handline stand-offs, track switches, 2D design customisation and bend radiuses as tight as 1m. The MGS harness is an extremely comfortable seat based harness that can securely accommodate guests from 120 - 200cm. TCg's unique Zetalock Security system enables the MGS harness to be rapidly fitted and yet to be one of the most secure in the world.

Logic controlled departure and arrival gates enable the tour to be operated by a single crew member.

The design enjoys status as a registered item as per state regulations related to AS3533.