MegaZip Zipline - Singapore

Commissioned by Flying Dragon Adventures Pte Ltd in 2009, Vertical Innovations International Pty Ltd created one of the most spectacular, profitable and unique zipline experiences of its time. In the one speed regulated flight from hilltop tower to an off-shore islet, guests soar over jungle canopies, public roads, buildings, beach and sea. ZipRVii technology developed by Vertical Innovations International Pty Ltd has permitted an extremely steep flight with both the exhilaration of speed and the reverence of a final slow cruise. Three lanes, highly engineered trolleys, a mechanised group hold and release system, state-of-the-art braking technology and large friendly recieving 'scoops' continues to permit this zipline to have one of the sectors highest through-puts.

TouchCloud Team Member Association: Route Survey, Tower Design, Project Management, Trolley Design & Testing, Installation, Testing, Guide Competency Based Training and Assessing,  Risk Management Strategy Mentorship, Flight Termination Retardation, Safety Inspections, Servicing & Certification Assistance.

MegaZip Adventure Park