MEGA Adventure Park - Adelaide Shores

The Mega Adventure Park in Adelaide is host to a  Skymate Cumulus Aerial Adventure Village.The park  is located within the tourism/sport/recreation precinct of Adelaide Shores and has proven to be an iconic outdoor urban adventure facility for families, teenagers, schools and various community and corporate groups.

Skymate Cumulus has 6 main columns and 10 suspended ones. It occupies 20,000 cubic meters and adventures can climb to 26m off the ground. In addition to over 100 crossings the Adventure Park includes a Free Fall, Giant Swing and young childrens course.

Designed to motivate and provide opportunities for exploration, the facility will facilitate personal and team growth whilst promoting that 'feeling alive' which comes from 'going beyond imagined limits' and achieving the seemingly impossible - a M.E.G.A Adventure!

Opened November 2015.

The design at MAPA is based on TCg's Skymate - Cumulus design, a design that conforms to AS 3533.1 - 2009 and is registered with the State Government.




TouchCloud's Association:

Park and Structure Concept, Original Design, Funding, Supply, Inaugural Installation & PPE Design and Supply