HighStep System

HighStep Easy is the basic version of the climbing system and is designed for manual, mechanical climbing along the HighStep Rail. HighStep Easy aims to minimize the physical efforts when climbing manually by allowing the user to climb in a way which is similar to climbing the steps. When using HighStep Easy, the user will not feel any force working on its arms as he solely uses his legs to climb. HighStep Easy consists of two pedals which easily mount to the HighStep Rail. The user's foot is attached to the foot plate to guarantee the prevention of missteps, slides and slips. HighStep Easy allows to stand completely upright when climbing. The pedals thereby also act as resting platform (the user can halt and pause at any time). In contrast to traditional climbing solutions (e.g. fix ladder rungs) the high of each step can individually be chosen by the user.

Climbing with HighStep Easy always takes place in combination with an additional, independent fall protection - The HighStep Protector. The HighStep Protector is connected to the users safety harness on one side and embraces the HighStep Rail on the other. While the user climbs up or down as directed, the HighStep Protector runs freely along the rail in the same direction as the user. However, if the downward motion is too fast, i.e. in case of a fall, the spring force moves the double catch back into the Rail and prevents a free fall.

HighStep Lift is the electrically driven climbing device for the fast and easy access to high altitudes and workplaces. HighStep Lift is extremely convenient and thanks to its unique portability, ready for immediate use on all buildings equipped with the HighStep Rail. Whilst primarily designed as elevator for people, HighStep Lift can also be applied to transport tools and goods.