Flying Fox Safari - India

Flying Fox Asia in known for it's extraordinary Zipline Tours - tours that truely exploit a regions unique qualities, be that heritage or nature.

At Kikkar Lodge they have again achieved a Zipline Tour nivana, this time creating India's first forest -based Zipline Safari Tour. Built over the Shivalik Hills, the 5 zip-lines (1500m - longest in South Asia) takes you over the canopies of forested valleys letting you skim the treetops as well as giving you the opportunity to take  serene treks through the beautiful jungle and unique geography

An early morning zip-tour increases your chances of spotting some wildlife, such as a Cheetal or a Sambar, whereas a evening/night zip-tour increases the chances of seeing Peacocks roosting and Macaque Monkeys settling. The stars on show during a night zip-tour (during times when the head torches are instructed to be turned off) are truely humbling.

The Kikar Lodge is a luxury eco-resort with a range of high-spec bungalows and tents, two swimming pools and a spa. It's a great place to unwind for a weekend away from the hustle-bustle of city life in Chandigarh, Ludhiana or Jalandhar. 

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