Enough Rope

Our group, when given 'enough rope' has facilitated

  • the zipping over a canal in Venice and land through a window
  • the rapid belay of a 100m leap into thin air over the Sydney CBD
  • the building of suspension bridges over a raging flooded river in Vanuatu
  • access over Blue Mountain escarpments for people with disabilities
  • zipline routes through an ancient New Zealand forest
  • the design and install of a monorail glide over a 5m crocodile in Sydney CBD
  • a zip flight of 420m over and down a wild river in Tasmania
  • a pace controlled cable flight over a jungle, road, restaurant, beach, sea and islet on Singapore's Sentosa Island.
  • emergency responses on the 165m Ferris Wheel - the Singapore Flyer.
  • the testing of ziplines on the high seas, over the sacred Ganges and over ancient forts of India.
  • the 1000km relocation and erection of a 40T tree .

Given 'enough rope' we are confident we could give your dream wings.


Team Skills - Advanced Rigging, Industrial Rope Access Trade Association, Manage Challenge Ropes Courses, Vertical Rescue, Abseiling ,Canyoning, ACCT Inspector, National Licence to Perform High Risk Work