Comforted by evidence

Decades of live load cell evaluations, destruction testing, inspections, and exclusive use of tested and rated components in critical applications has given the team the experience to know what is truely needed to guarantee that the required industry Safety Factor (over-engineering) is achieved and maintained.

TCg principals have been and continue to be actively engaged in developing industry standards for this sector. In addition TCg principals have initiated conferences with State Regulators and have, when required, on our client’s behalf responded directly and indirectly to multi-national regulator enquiries.

Across the globe there are several proactive regional industry associations, these include ACCT, PRCA,  ERCA and IAPA. These industry associations have their own respective minimum standards, guidelines and codes of practice and have been instrumental in assisting Standard Commissioning Bodies such as CEN, ANSI and ASTM develop sector specific standards for infrastructure, components, PPE and operation.

Most products advocated by TCg in this sector have achieved certification either via complience with EN tests or have passed tests conducted byan  independant testing groups such as TÜV Rheinland.

These are the primary standards that are most referenced by regulators

  • GHKSAR EMSD Code of Practice on the Design, Manufacture and Installation of Aerial Ropeways 2002
  • GHKSAR EMSD Code of Practice for Amusement Rides 2003
  • BS EN 13814:2004 Fairground and amusement park machinery and structures — Safety
  • AS 5100-1:2004 Bridge Design - Scope and General Principles
  • AS/NZS 1170.0:2002 Structural design actions - General principles
  • AS 3533.1-1997 Amusement rides and devices - Design and construction
  • AS 3533.2-1997 Amusement rides and devices - Operation and maintenance
  • AS 2316.1:2009 Artificial climbing structures and challenge courses Part 1: Fixed and mobile artificial climbing and abseiling walls
  • AS 4722—2009 Passenger ropeways and passenger conveyors
  • EN 15567-1:2007 Sports and recreational facilities - Ropes courses - Part 1: Construction and safety requirements
  • EN 15567-2:2007 Sports- and recreational facilities - Ropes courses - Part 2: Operation requirements
  • ASTM F2291 Standard Practice for Design of Amusement Rides and Devices
  • ASTM F2959 Standard Practice for Special Requirements for Aerial Adventure Courses

The ASTM practices applies to the following devices when operated for concession or commercial recreation.

  • Zip Lines.
  • Ropes Courses.
  • Challenge Courses.
  • Aerial Trekking Courses.
  • Canopy Tours.

Although partnered with highly experienced preferred engineering firms,TCg has a history of also seeking third party reviews and endorsements from peak industry engineering firms such as Jacobs and Holmes Solutions.