Bridges of Eden - Vanuatu

Commissioned in early 2013, Bridges of Eden is a unique Suspension Bridge tour that criss-crosses a pristine river in Vanuatu. Unique CRABSVii (Customisable Raised Activity Base Structures) by sector specialist Vertical Innovations International Pty Ltd has permitted an extremely efficient install of minimal impact (0.006m2 footprint/CRABVii). This tour was designed specifically to be a means for the average Cruise Liner patron to experience close-hand a canopy covered cascading river. It is a harnessed tour with the bridge traversing difficulty being graduated to ensure participation and challenge. The longest bridge is over 50m. A small 20m over-rapid zipline adds a final zing to what is a beautiful and invigorating experience.

TouchCloud Team Member Association: Route Survey, Design, Engineering, Project Management, Fabrication, Installation, PPE Selection and Testing.