In the clients best interest

Over the past 5yrs TouchCloud has nurtured a network of sector conscious investors and as such welcomes the opportunity to invest in and partner with governments, entrepreneurs, developers and operatos who have sites or productions supportive of sustainable returns. TouchCloud Global Pte Ltd  will always seriously consider 'putting skin in the game' when a business model and client welcomes it, however we are very happy to consider being engaged on a pure fee for service mode as welll, without any profit share.

Many investors and operators are comforted by the knowledge that TCg has equity in their project as it promotes a win, win scenario where TCg shareholders prosper only if TCg helps achieve a sustainable production that reflects a very high and equal respect for people, planet and profit.

Although TouchCloud has very strong synergistic relationships with the quality manufactuers and importers all around the world, it deliberately avoids global or regional monopolies on third party products or systems, therefore remaining totally open to all the product and systems around the world, ensuring that our thinking gives our client the ideal site-specific solution and not just 'our' product.

All the colours are on the palette - this helps ensure best fit for sector, site, budget, market, operator, regulator and shareholder.