About Us

Activating skyscapes for tourism, art, leisure and living.

TouchCloud Global (TCg) is a highly specialised international consultancy devoted solely to activating and energising skyscapes for the purpose of sustainable tourism, art, leisure and living.

TCg are architects of contemporary world class infrastructure facilitated commercial operations that provide the public with at-height experiences that promote vigour, reverence and growth.

Bold and highly informed decisions coupled with extensive global contacts and an innovative approach permits TCg to maintain a leading edge global capacity to activate and invigorate this sector.

The TCg team regularly assists the public and private sector with identifying best fit for site, community, market, story, custodian, regulator, operator and shareholder.

TCg is uniquely positioned to, where required, provide a fully integrated response to the project and business needs of developers and operators within this sector - drawing, when required, from a nurtured global network of multi-disciplinary sector specialists.

TouchCloud is particularly excited by sites that are iconic, wild, sensitive, difficult, steep, exposed, unusual and/or daunting.