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"And let go"

Landscape architect and adventure-play advocate Sharon Danks is quoted by Coby McDonald in a recent article titled Call of the Wild: Do Our Overprotected Kids Need to “Get Risky” on Playgrounds Like This? as saying “Kids need to experience risk in order to become competent capable adults” “Risk is learning”.

McDonald has written a nice piece, giving us a glimpse of the history of Adventure Parks, the rationale, the experience, the benefit and an exploration of why we don't see more.

World-Class Continuous Belay Zipline Canopy Tour

A $1 million TouchCloud Zipline Canopy Tour course is taking shape on the Illawarra escarpment as tourism behemoth Merlin Entertainments Group takes off on a dramatic expansion of the Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures site.

The design takes full advantage of TouchCloud's unique EcoCLIPTCg Halos, CloudStationsTCg and rollTREKTCg Continuous Belay System.

The lines will "fly" visitors over pedestrians on the treetop walk below.

Suitable for ages 4 to 94

This past October Barbara ("Bebe") Stetson, age 94, set a record at Outdoor Venture's Treetop Adventure Park, by being the oldest climber to-date.

Canopy Tour Restores Forest

 New Zealand's Roturua Canopy Tour has a dream to create a native wildlife sanctuary – returning rare birds, creating safe breeding conditions and restoring the eco system to a pre human one.

Opened in 2012 the company now has 10% of the 500 hectare forest is under total control from introduced predators, over 550 traps and 10 km of trapping lines has removed the rats, mice, possums, stoats and ferrets that were raiding the nests of native birds.

Ultimate Australian Adrenalin Rushes

The Advertiser nominates the Otway Fly Treetop Zipline Tour as one of Australia's ultimate extreme adrenaline adventures.

Congratulations Otway Fly!

The TCg team has fond memories of the Otway Fly Zipline Tour installation - 9 weeks on-site, two days without rain!

Step up and take flight

You step up to the platform and peek over the edge and your heart starts to race. Your palms are sweating, your legs are heavy. You take a deep breath, you step up, and you take flight. You scream, you gasp, you’re still falling. Suddenly you find that your feet are on the ground, and all you want is another chance to fly.

Head Rush Technologies announces their newest product for the adventure and amusement industries - FlightLine.

Flightline is a true free fall thrill ride device designed for falls from 18 to 27.5m.

Higher, faster, longer.

Available 2015

Western Sydney - Sydney's Adventure Capital

Western Sydney is poised to gain another arrow in it's 'Adventure Quiver' if a proposed Aerial Adventure Park by the Go Bananas Family Entertainment Centre (an adjunct to the  St Mary's Rugby League Club) gets the green light.

Zipline sells car

Nissan's New Qashqai 2014 TV Commercial Ad - 'Fly by night' suggests driving should feel like a flight on a high tech zipline, I presume.

It is another example of 'ziplines' (particularly as an urban experience) maturing in the markets consciousness.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, USA
The TV Commercial Ad titled Fly by night was done by TBWA, USA advertising agency for product: Nissan Qashqai (brand: Nissan) in United States. It was released in the Jan 2014.

Obi Obi Zipline Canopy Tour

Visitors to the QLD Sunshine Coast may soon have an opportunity to soar sustainably over some of the Hinterland's most spectacular and hidden scenery.

The planning process recently took a significant step with the awarding of 'preferred proponent' status going to Australian Zipline Canopy Tours Pty Ltd (AZCT).

According to ABC News, Tourism Minister Jann Stuckey has now asked AZCT to submit details on how all the required environmental checks and balances will be incorporated into the design, installation and operation. 

Just Zipping across the border - literally!

 “Two villages in two countries, separated by a river 150 metres wide – a zipline just seemed obvious to me,” said founder Englishman David Jarman.

The 720m zipline connects Sanlucar de Guadiana, in Andalucia, Spain, to Alcoutim, in Algarve, Portugal - establishing the worlds first transfrontier zipline.

Source: algarve


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