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"Adventure Park Insider, a new trade magazine, aims to be the go-to information resource for aerial park operators, experts, professionals and suppliers. It will be a forum for sharing best practices, successful strategies, and management insights on all aspects of operations. From technology to guest safety, marketing to staffing, training to planning, Adventure Park Insider will speak to all levels within the adventure park industry". API is the information resource for Aerial Adventure Park operators. Check it out now. Complementary subscriptions available.

Cyclone Pam - Vanuatu rebuilds.

"On Friday 13th of March, Vanuatu was hit by cyclone Pam, one of the strongest cyclones ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. Much of the rural population has lost their homes. The Eden on the River property has been severely damaged to the point where the rebuilding efforts and the loss of business threaten the survival of our project; a project that is deeply rooted within the surrounding community and therefore is not only vital to us but also our local employees and their families.

Risk - essential to well being.

In a recent article in The Daily Telegraph by Richard Noone, Dr Rachel Sharma, a Sunshine Coast University Psychologist, during the launch of National Kidsafe Day (an initiative of the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia) was quoted as saying  that “In today’s increasingly risk-adverse world, we are creating a generation of psychologically fragile children by withholding from them the opportunities to take risks, learn from their mistakes, innovate and problem-solve in the face of challenge and failure.”

Growth of Aerial Adventures

Toni Krasicki  explores the growth of Zip Lines and Aerial Adventure Parks across Australaisia in the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of the Australasian Leisure Management periodical.

Australia is New Zealand is no longer 'just hanging around' on the edge of this industry sector. A sector that has established a solid foundation in the Europe and Central America and more recently North America.

Lawyers say "Go Jump!"

In 2013 Wellington Waterfront commisioned Wraight + Associates to activate some urban skyscape down at Taranaki Wharf - the result, a  bespoke Jump Platform - an un-gated seemingly non-compliant twisting, turning staircase that enables leaps from platforms of 5 to 8m to all who dare.

Illawarra Fly Zipline Canopy Tour Launched

The Merlin Entertainments Group have just activated the skyscape of their Southern Highland Treetop Walk with Australia's first boutique high-end adventure canopy tour - a beautifully packaged high-profile rainforest experience that marries seamlessly with the existing world-class treetop walk. The Canopy Tour is built upon the escarpment of Knights Hill (near Robertson) 700m above sea leavel and consists of 50m of suspention bridges and three Ziplines.

Urban Adventure to reach new heights

TCg is very proud and excited to be working with Adelaide Shores (one of Australias premiere tourism precincts) in delivering a world-class aerial adventure facility for Adelaide and it's visitors.

The Aerial Adventure Park's centre piece will be an example of TCg's largest SkyMate Village - a SkyMate Cumulus..

The Growiwing Value of Adventure Tourism

A new United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) report highlights that countries in all stages of economic development are prioritising adventure tourism for market growth, based on a recognition of its ecological, cultural and economic value.

The report identifies that adventure tourism:

Is resilient: Adventure tourists are passionate and risk-taking. Profiles indicates interest in destinations that have previously suffered significant commercial tourism setbacks due to natural and political events, such as Haiti, Rwanda, and Japan.


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