Wild Flight - Sydney Wild Life Zoo

Commissioned by Merlin Entertainments, 'Wild Flight' (a self-propelled harnessed aerial tour) is, we believe, a world-first.

Harnessed guests, at their leisure, are able to tour for 70 meters at 9 to15m above the Wild Life Zoo's exhibits and be afforded a unique perspective never before experienced.

In addition to being amongst the treetops with the birds and looking down upon kangaroos and a 5m crocodile, guests will be able to soak up the vista of Darling Harbour and the city of Sydney.

This unique tour is proving to have a very broad appeal, offering a relaxed easy self-paced opportunity to observe wildlife from the unique perspective of a bird/koala/bat or possum, as well as provide an opportunity for the adventurous to share an experience that stretches their comfort zone a little.

This carefully planned activation of a previously unused space has injected a renewed vibrancy and energy to the aviary, whilst at the same time honouring the well-being and purpose of the exhibits.

The quiet easily self-propelled nature of the tour celebrates and enhances the Zoo's existing offerings - it value adds to the existing world class Zoo experience.

....a must for all those over 120cm.



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